10th November 2017


Acronym: DLDP
Title: The Digital Language Diversity Project
Type of Project: European
Funding Body: European Commission
Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Programme
Grant Agreement: 2015-1-IT02-KA204-015090
Start Date: 01/09/2015
End Date: 31/08/2018
Status: Ongoing
Role of ILC: Coordinator
Project Chair: Claudia Soria

The mission of DLDP is to advance the sustainability of Europe’s regional and minority languages in the digital world by empowering their speakers with the knowledge and abilities to create and share content on digital devices using their minority languages. In the short term, the immediate objectives of the project are:

  • a survey detailing actual digital linguistic diversity in Europe, and in particular the digital fitness of four regional/minority languages spoken in Europe: Basque in Spain, Breton in France, Karelian in Finland, and Sardinian in Italy;
  • a Europe-wide applicable training programme targeted to speakers of regional/minority languages to guide them towards an effective production of digital content and language learning materials in their languages;
  • strong, clear and actionable recommendations about what is needed and can be done for a language to “go digital”: which are the challenges and difficulties, which areas need to be addressed first, which tools are available; the recommendations – named “Digital Language Survival Kit” – will also contain a tool for self-assessing the digital fitness of languages other than those comprised in the case study;
  • a roadmap, aimed at stakeholders and policy makers, detailing the institutional and technological challenges as well as the proposed solutions for paving the way to a more widespread use of all European languages over digital devices.