16th June 2016

Editorial Activities

Language Resources and Evaluation

Type: Journal
Periodicity: Annual
Coverage: Volume 1 (1967) – Volume 57 (2023)
Print ISSN: 1574-020X
Online ISSN: 1574-0218
Editors-in-Chief: Nancy Ide & Nicoletta Calzolari
Publisher: Springer, Netherlands
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It is the first international journal devoted to the acquisition, creation, annotation and use of language resources, together with methods for evaluation of resources, technologies and applications. Language resources include language data and descriptions in machine readable form used to assist and augment language processing applications, such as written or spoken corpora and lexica, multimodal resources, grammars, terminology or domain-specific databases and dictionaries, ontologies, multimedia databases etc., as well as basic software tools for their acquisition, preparation, annotation, management, customization and use. The evaluation of language technologies consists in assessing the state-of-the-art for a given technology comparing different approaches to a given problem, assessing the availability of resources and technologies for a given application and assessing the system usability and users satisfaction.