CLARIN 2020 in Madrid

The 9th edition of the CLARIN Annual Conference (CLARIN 2020) will take place in Madrid from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th October 2020.

Its programme will include keynote lectures, papers, posters and demos.

The CLARIN Annual Conference is the main event for the operators contributing to the construction and operation of CLARIN across Europe as well as for representatives of the communities of users of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Local Organizers of the event are the National Distance Education University (UNED) and the Digital Humanities Innovation Lab (LINHD).

Further details about CLARIN 2020 will be provided in the Conference Web page, on Twitter (#CLARIN2020) and in the next editions of the CLARIN Newsflash.

CLARIN 2020 in Times of COVID-19
Due to the new Coronavirus dynamics, global travel patterns will be radically different for a longer period and flexibility in formats for participation to international events will become the new normality.
How precisely this will impact the CLARIN Annual Conference is currently unclear and whether the Conference will take place in Madrid, in a virtual variant or in a mix of formats will be discussed at a later stage, but a decision is to be expected before the Summer break.
Anyhow, irrespective of the Conference format, authors who submitted papers for CLARIN 2020 can be sure that the peer review process will take place as envisaged and that all accepted papers will be published in a similar way as in previous years.
Over the coming months the regular CLARIN communication channels will be used to keep the community informed and the Conference Web page will always provide the latest details.
Communication from CLARIN 2020 Organizers