Call for Participation in the DLDP Final Dissemination Event

The Digital Language Diversity Project (DLDP) is pleased to announce its final multiplier event Minority languages in the digital world: how to improve the digital vitality of your language, which will be held in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country) on 20th July 2018, in co-location with HIGA! Second Summit of Young Speakers of Minority Languages (HIGA! 2018).

The event will present newly developed tools and materials designed to empower language communities and to strengthen the digital presence and use of their language.

Participation is free of charge but, for organizational reasons, registration is required.

Claudia Soria, is the Chair of the event and one of the members of the Organizing Committee, together with Paola Baroni, Irene Russo and Valeria Quochi.